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American Academy of Ophthalmology Eye Health A-Z

RAWNY encourages you to read more about specific diagnosis at https://www.aao.org/eye-health an educational resource provided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). The AAO's EyeSmart website provides ophthalmologist-reviewed information about eye diseases and treatments, eye health news and tips for a lifetime of good eye health.

Records Release Form

Download and complete this form to obtain a copy of your medical records. rawny-records-release.pdf

Face-Down Recovery After Retinal Surgery

After some types of retinal surgery, you will need to keep your head in a face-down position. This is because a gas bubble has been put in your eye. Recovering with your head down allows the bubble to float into the correct position. Here are a few articles to read more about face-down recovery positioning and why it is important:

Face-Down Recovery After Retinal Surgery by the American Academy of Ophthalmology: https://www.aao.org/eye-health...

"Surviving Recovery from Macular Hole Surgery" A 5 part series of articles is to offer hints and tips to assist in “surviving” the difficult post-operative period following macular hole surgery. https://visionaware.org/your-e...

Below are a list of websites that offer face-down recovery positioning equipment for purchase or rental:

An Explanation of Coverage and Cost Information for Commercial and Medicare Health Plans

This guide provides information about common health care costs, types of commercial and Medicare health plans, and health plan policies that may affect your access to medications. Information is also included to help you understand your health coverage and costs, as well as how to change from one health plan to another if you choose to do so. This information is for your education only. It is not a recommendation or endorsement of any specific health plan or type of health plan. If you have questions about the information in this guide, please consult your doctor, your health insurance company, or another qualified professional. Download the guide here: understanding-health-insurance-plans-for-patients.pdf

Patient Assistance and Support Programs

Below you will find downloadable forms and website resources that may help provide financial assistance for qualifying individuals. Please keep in mind that the decision to use a certain drug is a clinical one made by the treating physician and each individual patient.


RAWNY is a proud member of The Macular Degeneration Association. Visit their website for https://macularhope.org/  for a variety of free resources educational programs for patients living with Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Understanding Intravitreal Injections

What is a Clinical Trial?


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